Once a free state based on maritime trade, today one of the best known tourist destinations in the world, jewell of the Adriatic with rich history. 


Economic and cultural center of Herzegovina. Known for the famous Old Bridge from 1566.


Korčula, island of unique beauty, birth place of Marco Polo. One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia with historic heritage and modern hotels and restaurants and beautiful beaches.


Delta of the Neretva river is a region with vast marshes rich in flora and fauna and in hundreds of species of birds. It is known as „Croatian California“.


Discover one of the most famous pilgrimages in Catholic world..

Kravica Waterfall

On the river Trebizat, the most beautiful waterfall in Hercegovina stretching over 100 m across and tumbling down 25 m.

Agritourism Matuško

Agritourism Matuško, located in the village Moševići in the hinterland of Neum, offer a rich indigenous cuisine and drinks of the region.

Canoe Safari

One-day rafting and canoe trips on the river Trebizat. The river is clean with green banks, beautiful waterfalls and rich flora and fauna.


Visit Ston and walk along „European Chinese wall“ from 14th century.

Hutovo blato

This national park is divided in two morphological complexes which do not have anyhydrographic connection. Deransko lake and Svitavsko lake are cryptodepressions divided by limestone massif of Ostrvo. Hutovo blato is a marsh at only 1-4 m above sea level, with more than 250 species of marsh birds like wild ducks, geese and coots. Birds find sanctuary here during the winter.